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For over 9 years, I have supported over 500 french and spanish students of all levels in their individual learning journey.

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Join individual 1o1 sessions or collective group teachings!

Personal Goals

Whether you want to travel to or work from a spanish or french speaking country - I adjust my teaching specifically to your needs!

Guided Tutoring

If you need further assistance for your french or spanish school class, I'm very happy to help you better your grades in a 1o1!

Diploma Prep

If you need to pass a specific exam in french or spanish, I will help you either in a 1o1 or a group teaching to finally get that certificate!
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Hey there, I'm Cécile!

I help you learn French and Spanish the right way:

First Step

Initial Talk

You can book an appointment in my calendar, so that we can find out if I can help you during your learning journey. We also get to know each other more, so we can see if it's also a personal fit (very important to learn a language).
Second Step

Goal Setting

Once we agreed on working together, we define your language goals, for example being able to talk, passing a school class or a diploma. We also look at your deadline and I plan the teaching process accordingly.
Third Step

Having fun!

Now we can start with the best part - actually learning the language. But unlike in school, instead of cramming vocabulary we use fun and humor to drive your curiosity and ideas.
More about me

    Don't matter!

    With my individual approach, I've teached students from all over the world.

    ✓ From beginner to advanced
    ✓ From DELF/DALF to travel
    ✓ From children to adults

    What my lovely students say:

    You can find all success stories here!

    French B2
    "Cécile is an excellent teacher and has helped me enormously!"
    French Tutoring
    "Thanks to her I got a 10/10 as my final grade at school!"
    Spanish B1
    "What truly sets Cécile apart is her expertise as a teacher!"
    French Tutoring
    "She's always smiling and very pleasant!"
    Dom. Republic
    French C1
    "I prepared for C1 and couldn't be happier!"
    French B1
    "I prepared for my B1 test with Cécile - it was excellent!"
    Dom. Republic
    French B2
    "Thanks to Cécile, I passed my DELF B2 in June 2023!"
    French B1
    "In 4 months I passed the B1 exam with 95/100!"
    Dom. Republic
    French B2
    "Thanks to Cécile, I passed my B2 with 75.5 points!"