Success storys of my students

For over 9 years, I have supported over 500 french and spanish students of all levels in their individual learning journey.

"In 4 months I passed the B1 exam with 95/100!"

I started French lessons with Cécile in June 2022. Here's the first question she asked me: what were my goals? And that's the most important part of learning a language: clearly defining why you want to learn a language. The answer to this question will set out the criteria and methodology that Cécile will use to teach us.

My objectives were to speak and understand people and then to be able to write professional emails. Cécile takes a good look at each student's learning style and uses a different methodology depending on their ability and availability of personal time.

I don't like boring courses with lots of theory and Cécile has managed to teach me French in a way that is surprising and fun.

I sang, I read, I saw films! And during the serious times when I had to prepare for the exam, we concentrated on our goal. In 4 months I passed the B1 exam with good marks (95/100), and a year later I'm already at B2 level.

I arrived in France on 15 July 2023, and my colleagues were surprised by my level of French!  

I'm so grateful to Cécile for her patience, courage and determination in helping me to achieve my goals!

French B1
Dom. Republic
"I prepared for my B1 test with Cécile - it was excellent!"

My experience with Cecile was excellent.

Cecile is a very good teacher, she has a lot of pedagogical skills that she uses during her classes that make you learn without realising it in a natural way.

You realize how much you are learning when your brain responds to the language in an organic way. One of the most important qualities of Cecile and her methodology is that at all times she makes you feel confident in your learning process and this generates confidence and makes you feel motivated to do the assigned tasks and want to learn more.

This was key for me, when learning a new language, feeling secure and confident is essential.

Something that was also very important is that the teacher Cecile is very organized and despite doing remote classes, all the class materials are organised in a drive by date of each class, everything in order and clear. This facilitates the whole process within this remote digital format.

I prepared for my B1 test with her. But when I decide to go on to the next level I will definitely take lessons with her again. She is a very good teacher.

French B1
Dom. Republic
"Thanks to Cécile, I passed my B2 with 75.5 points!"

My name is Alina and since June 2022 I've been taking various courses with Cécile.
I've taken part in the grammar course, the Delf B2 exam preparation course, the literature course...

Whatever it was, it was always top-notch thanks to Cécile!
Thanks to her, in the space of a year, I spoke with much more confidence and freedom, thanks to her, I passed my B2 exam with 75.5 points, thanks to Cécile, I had many insights into French literature...

She's the kind of rare teacher who's not only impressive on a professional level and knows how to teach wonderfully, but who also impresses on a human level when communicating.

Her way of teaching is very profound, but at the same time light and interesting for the students.

I don't think I need to say any more - it's best to start a French course with Cécile right away!

French B2
"Thanks to Cécile, I passed my DELF B2 in June 2023!"

My name is Milena and I've been taking several courses with Cécile since 2022.

Thanks to her, I passed my DELF B2 in June 2023.I've only been studying French for six years and it's been a great success for me. I really enjoy working with Cécile! She knows how to deal with students, she's very attentive to other people's needs, whether it's revising the subjunctive or describing a personal situation 😊

She is always cheerful and relaxed, yet focused on our learning and anything that can help us learn French better.

She always tries to offer us varied and interesting material, and I think that's great, because for me it's very important to mix grammar with literature, with funny stories, with unknown authors and cultures, so as not to get bored.

And that's exactly what I find in Cécile's classes.
That's why I always look forward to her classes!

French B2
"Cécile is an excellent teacher and has helped me enormously!"

My name is Isabella, I'm 48 and I've been learning French for 3 years.

Cécile is an excellent teacher and she has helped me enormously to learn this beautiful language quickly and easily!

I can now say that I can travel to French-speaking countries without any problem and I can also make myself understood by the French!

I'm very happy to have Cécile at my side to help me with my next challenge: the DALF C1!

French B2
"I prepared for C1 and couldn't be happier!"

I took lessons to prepare for the DALF C1 and I couldn't be happier with my results.

Cécile was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and prepared the lessons in such a way as to focus on what I needed to do to pass the exam.

And thanks to this work together, I got my DALF C1!

What's more, the lessons were not only effective but also fun. I couldn't believe how quickly the lessons went, we were having so much fun. I would highly recommend it for fun and effective exam preparation or simply to improve your French.

My luck has changed! I'm so glad I found the Académie!

French C1
"She's always smiling and very pleasant!"

Lessons with Cécile are never boring. You learn a lot.

She helps a lot and if you need help you can always call her.

Personally, Cécile has helped me a lot with homework and assessments in conjugation, dictation, natural sciences, etc. at French school.

She's always smiling and very pleasant.

I highly recommend her if you want a good teacher.

French Tutoring
Dom. Republic
"Thanks to her I got a 10/10 as my final grade at school!"

I have been learning French online with Cécile for a year now and I find her classes very fun and effective.

In addition, she has helped me to obtain the DELF B1 French exam and has also helped me a lot with my school classes.

Thanks to her I got a 10/10 as my final grade at school.

I highly recommend her because she can help you both at school and to get a high level of French and moreover she is a very nice person.

French Tutoring
"What truly sets Cécile apart is her expertise as a teacher!"

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for my wonderful Spanish teacher, Cécile.

Over the past six months, she has guided me from level 0, where I didn't speak a word of Spanish, to a solid level A2. To my delight, I even passed my B1 Cervantes exam with a score of 50%.

What truly sets Cécile apart is not only her warm personality but also her undisputed expertise as a teacher. She employs her unique teaching techniques, and her assignments were always surprising and challenging.

As a result, my love for the beautiful Spanish language has grown stronger. Cécile is not only a fantastic person but also a brilliant teacher. She sees your potential, even when you can't see it yourself, and knows exactly how high the bar should be raised each time.

If you are serious about learning a new language, whether it's French or Spanish, you are in good hands with Cécile.

Spanish B1