Bonjour, Hola,
I am Cécile!

Certified online teacher for french and spanish

I love teaching languages in a fun and individual way. For over 9 years I have teached more than 500 students in spanish and french achieving their most desired language goals. I've been lucky enough to be able to realise my dream and passion for almost ten years, which is to teach French and Spanish language and culture to people from all over the world. I love learning from my students just as much as they love learning from me.

My demographics
I come from Charente-Maritime in France and I live all over the world: I'm a digital nomad! I'm currently based in Andalusia, a region of Spain where the sun shines all year round, which is perfect for me, as someone who loves good energy, warmth and human contact. As the saying goes: "the sun on the outside thirsts for the sun on the inside" - Jakob Böhme.

My education
I have a bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages (LEA), a master's degree in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and DELF/DALF accreditation for the preparation, examination and correction of official French language diplomas. So if you want to prepare for a French and/or Spanish language exam, I'll be there to help and guide you as best I can.

What I like besides teaching
🧀 Cheese: Bûche de chèvre
🍷 Wine: Côtes du Rhône
🎶 Music: Céline Dion
🎥 Movies: Into the wild
🍰 Cake: Le fraisier

This is how I teach.

Each class is 100% different, which makes it more fun for the both of us:


I ensure I adapt my teaching to suit each student's unique needs.


I personalize the teaching to address each student's strength and weakness.


I aim to create a positive environment, motivating students to enjoy learning


I value empathy to connect with my students and support them.

Why am I doing
what I am doing?

"Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world."

Many years ago, this quote from Nelson Mandela inspired me to follow my passion and teach my two favorite languages to anybody in the world. I truly believe that language is a very effective tool to not only pursue your dreams, but also to ensure peace in the world by simply talking to each other in a way that both can understand.

What happened so far in my life.

My educational language degrees and work experience:

Licence de "Langues Étrangères Appliqués" (LEA)

→ University of Perpignan
→ Royal Holloway University

2011 - 2014

French teacher in 3 schools - Albacete, Spain

→ DUCA idiomas
→ Colegio San Antón
→ Colegio Cristobal Valera

2014 - 2016

French teacher - in-person classes

→ Ali Joseph Academy in Marrakech, Morroco

2016 - 2018

Master of "French as a Foreign Language" (FLE)

→ University of Artois

2018 - 2020

French teacher - in-person and online classes

→ Alliance Française de Madrid

2021 - 2022

French teacher
- online classes

→ Oui Oui école de français in Dominican Republic

2021 - 2023

French substitute teacher - in-person - pre-school and primary

→ Lycée français de Madrid


DELF/ DALF certificate: preparation and examination

→ Ministère de l´éducation nationale et de la jeunesse


French teacher
- online classes

→ Madame à Paname in Paris

2022 - now

French and spanish teacher
- online classes

→ Cécile Classes

2014 - now